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.REC – Utattemita Compilation Album Artwork

.REC – VOCAPOST Utattemita Compilation Album

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".REC - Utattemita Compilation Album" Artwork

“.REC – Utattemita Compilation Album” Artwork

Title: .REC – Utattemita Compilation Album
Release Date: June 3rd, 2013

One of our side project and initiated by VOCAPOST’s Utattemita Members. This album consists of 17 VOCALOID cover songs made by Indonesian Singers. The goal in this project is to encourage all VOCAPOST Utattemita to singing some VOCALOID and hone their singing skills.

This album is free and it could be downloaded at each songs below.



  1. bira – Electric Love (8#Prince Cover)
  2. Ryo-kun – Scythe Weasel –  (yuyoyuppe Cover)
  3. VinZ – Matryoshka Rap Ver. (Hachi Cover)
  4. dinkochii – Do Re Mi Fa Rondo (40mP Cover)
  5. Vay – Paranoia (MezameP Cover)
  6. megu – Sarishinohara (MikitoP Cover)
  7. chiE – Houkago Stride (Last Note Cover)
  8. Minchan – Gemini Baguettes Ensemble Ver. (Dixie Flatline Cover)
  9. Esakudo – Natsu no Owari, Koi no Hajimari (scop Cover)
  10. Riku – *tear* (DATEKEN Cover)
  11. Shiramiu – Renraku mada? (LiveP Cover)
  12. Minchi – 「ねぇ。」(HoehoeP Cover)
  13. Starza – Tsumugi Uta (DATEKEN Cover)
  14. KazuKazu – Time Machine (40mP Cover)
  15. vfreschi x RAGADUB – Tell Your World (Livetune Cover)

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