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.REC Vol 2 – Utaittemita Compilation Album Artwork

.REC Vol. 2 – VOCAPOST Utattemita Compilation Album

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".REC 2" Artwork

“.REC 2” Artwork

Title: .REC Vol. 2 – Utattemita Compilation Album
Release Date: November 11, 2013

One of our side project and initiated by VOCAPOST’s Utattemita Members. This album consists of 17 VOCALOID cover songs made by Indonesian Singers. The goal in this project is to encourage all VOCAPOST Utattemita to singing some VOCALOID and hone their singing skills.

This album is free and it could be downloaded at our link below.


Available for download HERE!


  1. KazukiKobayashi – A-B-C-D/E!? (Luzzy Cover)
  2. Shiramiu – Mozaic Roll (DECO*27 Cover)
  3. Acron – Yume Hanabi (まふまふ Cover)
  4. Minchan – Afternight Wonderland (ryt Cover)
  5. Shiraru – Dare Demo Ii Kara Tsukiaitai (卓球少年 Accapela Cover)
  6. Lynaru – Macaron (ATOLS Cover)
  7. rivi laurant – Lie (Circus-P Cover)
  8. dinko – Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa (のぼる↑ Cover)
  9. fransmiku_studio – Servant of Evil (mothy Cover)
  10. powerberry – Kimi to Mata, Aeru hi Made (kaoling Cover)
  11. vay – Hello (ERP Cover)
  12. kikkuri – Sayoko (MikitoP Cover)
  13. Lha – Letter Song (doriko Cover)
  14. Ikure – Yuudachi no Ribbon (MikitoP Cover)
  15. Lila – nowhere love
  16. Nacchan Sakura – Bokura no Let It Be (Harry Cover)
  17. Ittou – Leucocoryne (BinyuP Cover)

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