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"Merah Putih VOCALOID" Artwork

“Merah Putih VOCALOID” Artwork

Title: Merah Putih Vocaloid
Release Date: August 16th, 2011

The first compilation album ever made by VOCAPOST Members. This album consists of 8 cover songs from various artists to commemorate Indonesian Independence Day.



  1. Mixtrelle – Rayuan Pulau Kelapa (Ismail Marzuki Cover)
  2. REDSHiFT – Tanah Airku (Ibu Sud Cover)
  3. Idoyklik – Kebyar-Kebyar (Gombloh Cover)
  4. PG.2125 – Satu Nusa Satu Bangsa (Liberty Manik Cover)
  5. ittou– Padamu Negeri (Kusbini Cover)
  6. RikkuRorra – Indonesia Pusaka (Ismail Marzuki Cover)
  7. Atrie – Berkibarlah Benderaku (Ibu Sud Cover)
  8. [BONUS] nicevibes – Indonesia Jaya (Harvey Malaiholo Cover)

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